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Thread: Bricked my Wii!!! neeeeeddddd help bad

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    Bricked my Wii!!! neeeeeddddd help bad

    i have a wii that will turn on and won't display anything so i bought a savemii and the green light wouldnt come neighbor also has a wii (no mods, working wii) and tried the savemii on hers and the version number was displayed at the bottom but not on mine...why is the save mii working in hers and not mine...the way mine happend was that i tried downgrading it from 4.0U to 3.2? (im assuming 3.2U but could be wrong)...please help ive got a savemii dongle, i had HBC, (im assuming i had Bootmii cause when i pressed the home button on the wii in HBC it said run bootmii so ur guess is as good as mine...)

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    If your wii is new it is probably bricked from the downgrade. Good luck

    you should read this
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