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Thread: Neogamma Screen Scroll

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    Unhappy Neogamma Screen Scroll

    Hey I'm a newbie here, and here's what I've got. I followed a thread from here earlier on soft modding a v4.2 wii. Everything seemed to work fine excpet that when I launched NeoGamma v7m then launch game from DVD, the game seemed to work except the screen kept scrolling. Also when I attempted to launch USB loader GX I got a blank screen. Can someone please help me, I've been at this for two straight nights. I know I'm close....I just want to play some imports and backups


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    You said some key words that jumped out at me. You want to play imports on your console. When you load neogamma, go to one of the settings (dont recall what actual setting its called) but it has to do with region. The default setting should say disc. Change that to wii. If you have a sd card in the wii, change save config to yes, and it willsave your settings.

    Dealing with the sb loader, someone else will need to help you because I dont use that at all. sorry.
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    Sounds like you're trying to play out of region games.

    1)Make sure your tv can support both PAL and NTSC

    2)In the Neogamma settings, you need to force a region. If you have a NTSC (USA) Wii then on 'Force NTSC' and try the game. If you have a PAL Wii then select Force PAL.

    3) If force NTSC/PAL alone doesn't work then try bot Force NTSC and VIVTV on.

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    i have the same with when i am trying to play scrabble on my HDD, i tried everything that is said here and it will still scroll or freeze the wii so i have to reboot it. I am not sure if i am doing something wrong. But this is starting to tick me off and i am running a softmod 4.2 wii
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