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Thread: 4.2E Downgrade Wii PAL

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    4.2E Downgrade Wii PAL


    I have a genuine Wiikey2 purchased about a year ago. It was installed into a brand new Wii by the guys at OzModChips in Sydney.

    I upgraded my PAL Wii to play the Beatles Rock Band to 4.2E. I've never had any problems in the past performing upgrades to play new games with my modchip until now.

    Unfortuantly my Wii won't load any NTSC games at the moment. It will play all PAL games without any issues.

    Firstly this seems to quite a new problem from my understanding. I have done my research on other forums & people can't seem to agree on what version to downgrade too or even what to do for this particular problem.

    Any help here would really be appreciated.


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    i have same problems on my 4.2 ntsc with outta region games. i just followed messi's tut on installing homebrew and i just use it for other region games for now. wiikey will come out with an update sooner or later but who knows when that will be.

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    Cheers, I read later within the tutorials that there isn't a downgrader as yet.

    Can you provide me with a link on how to perform the homebrew install you mentioned.


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