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    Us Animal Crossing Saves

    I hope this is in the right thread!!! I am trying to move my Animal Crossing save to a new Wii and I have but now I cannot get on-line. Why is that???
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    I also just moved my Animal Crossing City Folk save file to a new Wii and have the same problem! I used Savegame Manager GX to extract the file from the old Wii, and the same program to install it on the new Wii. How were you able to move your file?

    I think the problem is that when you go to "open your gate" or "go out" to another town, the game recognizes that your Friend Code was tied to another system. What sucks is that when you get the friend code the first time, the game creates a unique code based off of your Wii system, so when they don't match they don't let you play online :/

    I am currently looking for a way to clear my friend code off of my character so I can be issued a new code. In the meantime what you can do to still play online is create a new character in your game, this character will have to complete all of Nooks part time assignments and stuff, and then when they are ready, they can talk to the guard dog and get a new friend code for them! This new character will be able to visit other towns and and host visitors in your town.


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