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Thread: newb question about usb loader

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    newb question about usb loader

    is there an image or such for iso loader that would let me run it as a DVD/CD, rather than installing it through homebrew.... like the ps2 has USB advance running from a CD?
    (I have a newly chipped wii)

    *edit: and it's still under warranty, so I would prefer not to get any WAD's on it

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    Not that i'm aware of, modding {well softmodding that is] your Wii should not void your warranty [i could be wrong but have read on numerous posts people sending modded wiis in for repair with no problem, they may have changed this since then]. If anyone has any concrete evidence to this or the contrary, please fill me and the OP in, as i would like to know for myself
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    thanks for the reply dude.
    I guess it's not too bad, I found multigame iso creator... so I wont have to spend a fortune and space on DVD's.

    Thanks s0ur.

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    Nintendo considers any softmod to void the warranty. So, in order to get a repair done within the warranty terms, folks try to remove the softmods following the tutorial on this site. Nintendo will still repair if a softmod is detected, just charge the out-of-warranty price.

    You will note that the latest update was not actually an update but a salvo of hits against softmodding-upon each power-up of the Wii a search and delete program is run against HBC; also part of the update involved IOSes commonly used in softmodding were replaced by stubbed or nonfunctional IOSes.
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