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Thread: Black Screen After boot.elf file selected after a previously failed mod attempt

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    Black Screen After boot.elf file selected after a previously failed mod attempt

    Hi there and thanks in advance for your help! I have done a pile of reading in the past two days but have not found anything that pertained to my circumstance that I have been able to understand. So, here's my problem. After sometime I was able to install the homebrew channel on my wii but never did complete the mod as I got hung up on the instructions that I was following. Frustrated, I may have done a few things that I shouldn't have so then deleted the homebrew channel and did a system memory format thinking I could just start over. Now when I try to reinstall the homebrew channel I just get a black screen after selecting the boot.elf file. I have tried formatting my sd card. I have tried a few different sd cards. I have menu 4.0U and serial number LU7. Everything on the wii still seems to function normally besides that. Any thoughts or help would greatly be appreciated. Please keep it simple though as I am very new to this.


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    Sounds good, but how do I run the update on my wii without internet and homebrew?


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    well you had said earlier that you were able to install the Homebrew Channel so i don't understand "Sounds good, but how do I run the update on my wii without internet and homebrew?". And you don't have WiFi in the house?, the Wii has built in WiFi.

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    I had installed Homebrew but had also deleted it and did a system memory format. I will look into the WiFi.


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    what happened after you did system memory format? did you still get the black screen? my problem is that when i try loading HBC or even hackmii thru bannerbomb, it just gives me a black screen

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    Yes, still getting black screen. Tried an update via Wifi but get error code 32017. Network connection tests fine but shop channel and weather channel does not work. Not sure what to do from here. Still reading tons of posts hoping to find something that will help me out.

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    Im getting the same thing... I have found no answer to this. I have had HB channel on but it would not do anything so I formatted my wii and now when I use the boot.elf it hangs on the black screen. I have also trie many different files, cards, and formatting. PLEASE HELP

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    Did you resolve the black screen yet???

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    did you find an answer to that?
    i had to update to the 4.2U an now i get the black screen and error 32017 when updating.
    when i go into the settings and connect24 to turn it off or on it says i have to agree to the terms and after it freezes on a black screen.



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