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Thread: softmii3.5 for4.2 or below

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    Wink softmii3.5 for4.2 or below

    The Guide

    Now if your already modded or your not, you might aswell go ahead and complete the guide in full..this will do no harm and will update everything to the way it should be. Once your completed on this guide you will be at a nicely hacked 4.2 with your cIOS and Homebrew Channel still in function and ofcourse the mighty BootMii.

    This guide contains instructions to softmod any wii that is on system menu version 4.2 or below.

    Features of this mod install updated cIOS, Better region free handling..a fully functional USB Loader and also total brick protection for some users, users of new consoles will be able to install Preloader and BootMii IOS this offers some protection but not total but as always be careful and you should be fine.

    SD card.
    BannerBomb- Official Site
    HBC/BootMii/Hackmii Installer - Official Site
    SoftMii3.5 Package

    USB Hard Drive. Recommended


    1. First of all if you havent already go ahead and setup your wireless connection, this will be needed for all steps..and update yourself to 4.2..theres been alot of speculation about 4.2 being a homebrew killer etc. but once we are through with it..there will be no issues.

    For Information On Setting Up Your Connection And Doing A Official Update Click Here

    1. Goto the BannerBomb Site and follow the instructions there to obtain a copy of bannerbomb V2 (4.2only) . You may need to repeat this step if the version you get doesn't work with your wii.

    2. Goto the HBC/BootMii/HackMii Page and download the hackmii installer.

    3. Rename the installer.elf from hackmii installer boot.elf and place in the root of your SD card.
    4. Unzip The Bannerbomb file to the root of your sd card. Do the following. Select the SD Card icon near the bottom left of the screen. Then insert the card. It should either pop up Load boot.dol/elf? or freeze.

    If it freezes repeat step 2 and 4 until you succeed.

    5. When the Hackmii Installer comes up, Install HBC, DVDX, Then install BootMii. BootMii is best in both boot2 and IOS, but if you can only install to IOS that will work for our purposes as well. You can also Prepare SD here, this will place the required files for a bootmii restore on the SD, Once this is completed, please either rename the 'bootmii' folder on your SD or move it to your computer for safe keeping

    In the Event that running the hackmii installer results in a black screen freeze try the folowing things. Rename boot.elf boot.dol or try another SD Card.

    6. Copy the contents of the Softmii 3.5 package to the root of your SD card.

    8. Re-insert your SD and Run HomeBrewChannel and select "1.TruchaBugRestorer". When TBR loads please do the following...

    Press B to choose No IOS Reload.
    Wait until it says Press 1 then do so.
    Go to Downgrade IOS15.
    Press A to downgrade.
    Everytime it says "load IOS from SD" change to Download IOS and Press A.

    Run 1.Trucha Bug Restorer again
    Choose IOS15 and press A.
    Wait till it says Press 1 then do so.
    Choose IOS36 menu. In there use these settings:
    Install IOS to slot (36)
    Hash check (trucha) YES
    ES_Identity YES
    Nand Permissions YES
    Then press A on install patched IOS36.

    9. Run HBC and select "2. AnyTitleDeleter" and please do the following

    Choose IOS 36 and press A.
    Go to System Titles and press A.
    Select and delete the following using the Button A

    IOS222, IOS223, IOS249 and IOS 250

    Once you have deleted all four titles press HOME to exit

    10. Back into HBC and this time we need to run "3. cIOS Installer"

    When prompted, select using IOS36 For Installation and Network Installation

    once installation is complete your Wii will restart

    12. Finally to enable RegionFree and other optional hacks we will be using PreLoader 0.30r4 so load up HBC and run "5. Preloader"

    Reboot and then Configure preloader the way you want it and select the hacks you would like.

    Reboot your Wii.

    DONE thx kLiNiKaL
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    Hi, thanks for the great guide but am having trouble finding Softmii 3.5.
    Do you know where it can be downloaded from?

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    ok I tried that a few times... and I guess I'm doing something wrong.. I follow instructions percisely but it doesn't even load nor freezes... I reformated my Wii thinking it might go back to 3.5 but I guess that didn't work... I found it has just a question mark and thats about it.. I'm really lost and stuck.. any help??


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