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Thread: Salutations everyone! new user here with a quick IOS question.

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    Salutations everyone! new user here with a quick IOS question.

    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums and pretty much the wii homebrew scene, so please be gentle if I sound like a complete noob.

    Anyway, I've been doing a lot of reading lately on the IOS aspect of the wii. From what I understand, cIOS installation requires an existing IOS on the wii as a base. At least this is what I think based on trying to install Hermes' cIOS 222 and 223. However, what I would like to know is why is this so, i.e., why must the cIOS 222 installation use IOSXX or IOSXX merged with IOSXX as a base?

    Also, what difference does it make if I use one option as opposed to another, for instance if I chose to install cIOS 222 using IOS36 as a base as opposed to using IOS38 merged with 36?

    Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks in advance.


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    IOSs are primarily generated and installed in the Wii console by Ninty. It's required to run generic/official games. If IOSs are unexpectedly, or mistakenly, deleted, u'll be honored with a lovely ivory brick with Wii labelled.

    CIOSs are coded by hackers for applications based on homebrew channel (the platform). It's required to improve {against generic IOS}ur game fun with backups, usb-loader,.....etc. These're being updated, installed and applied fm time to time.

    as a new player on IOS/cIOS update/installation, suggest to pay attention on the order / sequence on each of the wad files. Potential risk of overlook is, again, brick-o-ivory.
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    Thanks billy! I understand that IOSs and cIOSs can co-exist on the wii and that the regular wii games will choose whichever they need at run time. I also understand that using a loader to run backups allows me to choose which cIOS I would like to use to run the game (if it's 249, 222 or 223).

    I have also read on the differences between using the different cIOSs (that 222 and 223 can be used for games like RB and GH) but what about if I installed 222 with IOS36 instead of IOS38 merged with 36, will this affect my running of backups? or will this have no effect whatsoever?


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