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Thread: Backup games have a shaddow

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    Question Backup games have a shaddow

    Hello. I have recently accidently upgraded to 4.2e. Gone through the process to enable me to put the hbc back on and am able to play my backups again. All is great except that on some of the latest games there is a shaddow around everything. My copy of the latsest Star Wars, Cursed Mountain and Deep Space Extraction are the ones I have found so far. Any ideas on how to stop this?

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    mind to show the picture ?

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    I think I have found the problem. My tv. I have a 50" Sony Bravia rear projection and for some reason it wont play some of these games without this shaddow. Took my wii round to my brothers and it plays fine on his tv. Still I never had this problem before. Is there any way to downgrade it from 4.2 yet cos its doin my head in.

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    Two possibilities:

    1. as the Wii can only output a 480p video signal, check to see if the Sony TV has a lower setting adjustment. You're probably defaulted to 1080p even on the game input.

    2. Try a set of 480p component cables from the Wii to the TV
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    Not sure what they are but before I sent this I have ordered a set of cables with gold plated connectors to see if that helps.


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