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Thread: Please help with Rock band 2 dlc

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    Please help with Rock band 2 dlc

    I'm running 4.2U and just can't get the rock band 2 dlc wads to install. I've tried the wad installer that come with the wads, I've tried wad manager 1.3, and wad installer 2.1. Just no luck I get the (error-1) everytime. Everything I read says uninstall and try again, but I can't even uninstall I get the same error, and can't try to reinstall because I can't uninstall it. Any help would be appreciated.

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    while either install or uninstall prompted u an error =-1, that shows "missing file", in other words, ur sd card was not copied with the right files in!

    all wad files must be placed in a wad folder. ie.g x:\wad\wad_files.......

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    I put the wads in the wad folder.. I got it to install with error -1. which isn't working. Everything I found said to uninstall and install again until you get a different error (can't remember number). But I can't uninstall it because i get the -1 error when trying to uninstall.


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