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Thread: please direct me

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    please direct me

    um im looking for a tutorial on how to install wads on a hard drive or sd card if possible or exist can someone direct me plz

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    what u mean " install wads on a hard drive" ?
    wiiwares are usually stored in SDcard, and be loaded into Wii with WAD-Manager

    to "exit" ? u mean "uninstall" wiiwares ?
    un-install : either Channerl Removal, or uninstall with WAD-Manager, as well

    u should be able to find many more in FAQ section of this Forum

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    i mean like vc cuz i installed for example super mario 64 and it plays without the sd card. so is it possible to make it a chanel and start in off the sd card menu

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    you can only do that with system menu >4
    If on 4 just copy the channel over to the sd card

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    okat thx mucho


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