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Thread: USB Loader GX supports DVD backups

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    USB Loader GX supports DVD backups

    Yesterday someone wanted to know if USB Loader GX will load DVD games? Of course I said no, and I was wrong. I downloaded the latest version, USB Loader GX r808, and it does support DVD loading. Sweet. So I continued on, and was able to load a Wii, GameCube, and GameCube MultiISO game discs. Perhaps you can use different IOS to load games that require it, like the rockband and guitar hero games, but my lack of DVD backups, I couldn't test those games.

    EDIT - I burned a copy of Guitar Hero 5 (ripped to HDD from retail disc, then burned on disc). Loaded with NeoGamma r6, the disc wanted to update. When I boot with USB Loader GX r808, set IOS to 222 ( I installed IOS222 as 38 merged with 37) no disc update was required, but I did need to apply 002 fix. That's the first time I ever saw an 002 error. I did not test to see if microphone worked, maybe test tomorrow.

    I guess I am still wondering if you set IOS222, does that also boot the disc with IOS222 or is that just for HDD booting?
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    Yep. Hopefully in a later version, they'll allow the program to load up if no usb drive is present. That's the current problem that prevents its use strictly as a dvd backup launcher. You can try to get by with a spare usb flash drive and just have it in the slot, and have it be formatted wbfs. I submitted a request, so hopefully the usb requirement gets lifted soon.

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    wait, so in order to run dvd backups via usbloader gx I have to have some kind of usb blank device in my wii? I have my two RB2 dongles in the usb slots on my wii but I guess I can just take them out insert the blank usb device to get the disc working via usbloader then switch the usb device for my dongle. but is all that really necessary just to load a dvd via usbloader??

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    or u can just use neogamma instead of usb if ur going from dvd

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    I'm trying to run my DVD BackUp but the USBLoaderGX response is:

    No USB Devide found.

    Running USBLoaderGX Revision 938.


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