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Thread: correct sequence to backup SD and run hack?

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    correct sequence to backup SD and run hack?


    currently have a wii which was twilighted on v3.2u

    had the backup launcher, dvdx and homebrew working perfectly....

    i had some problems with RockBand Beatles and read it was a system update i did the nintendo v4.1 update and my game worked again...and so did my backup launcher, dvdx and homebrew! wasn't this update supposed to kill all these hacks?

    anyway, i want to follow the 4.2 the hacking guide and have a few questions...

    should i just do a complete system format, update my wii to v4.2 and then follow the hack guide?

    what about my data on my 2gb sd card now (should only be dlc RockBand downloads)? temporarily copy it to my pc and then us the newer 16gb sd card to get the hack running, and copy the dlc back to the 16gb later on?

    sorry if this is confusig....just trying to see what makes sense so i have a nicely modded wii and don't lose anything on my sd card...


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    if everything is working "as is" then there is no need to update to 4.2, but in case your still wondering i updated "officially" to 4.2 and ran through the guide and got everything up and working again.

    As far as the SD card, just back it up on your PC, format it, run through the mod, then format again and throw the DLC back onto it.

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    yes there is no reason to go to 4.2, stay with 3.2. also no need of system format at all, you will lose your games

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    thanks for the replies....

    i went and did the 'official' update to v4.2...

    i still have a working homebrew channel....but lost the ability to watch dvds (dvdx) and also play my backups (backup launcher)....

    do i still need to run through the guide to get these 2 things working or is there a way to just install dvdx and the backup launcher separately via homebrew??

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    use this guide and everything should be fine, at least it was for me

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    yah, about to...


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    was about to start this and noticed that the only thing i currently have on the wii's system memory is the 'Twilight Hack USA' icon....

    should i delete this?

    should i run a sytem format?

    just want to make sure i don't run into any probs running this v4.2 hack guide with some leftover old hack data....


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    your twilight save does nothig at all, so yeah, procered with the guide

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    got everything up and running, except for one issue.... i can't seem to get the StarPatch items to stick...i'm able to get into StarPatch, via BootMii command from the HBC, select prevent disc updates and region free, but after i select install and save, i get a 'stack dump error'.... tried it three times...

    i also didn't install the Preloader yet...not sure if i need it yet...

    not sure if it matters or not, but the only way that i could get the cios to work was from the very last method in the hack guide...

    ps all in all, not so bad setting this all up...just also downloaded and installed the Homebrew Browser and the DVD Movie Player from within the Browser...

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