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Thread: HELP how to play iso on ver 4.2e (with homebrewchannel installed)?????

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    Question HELP how to play iso on ver 4.2e (with homebrewchannel installed)?????

    hi all
    im new in wii world iv just bay one from my friend so i du not know much
    at first i updatet the wii to 4.2e version,and then on internet i found that you can play iso-s with homebrew channel via sd card,so i installed it thnx to hackmii installer(i just installed homebrew channel and dvdx,the bootmii on boot2 give me an error so i cant install it)
    so next what do du to play dhe iso on the sd
    i know that its a stupid question but i know like 0 from wii XD
    hope to hear soon from you
    thanx in advance

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    Your answer is in the tutorial section.


    Try the first one first, if it doesn't work, give the second one a shot.

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    oh thnx man ,but when i try the first guide the bootmii wont show up is there a problem with my sd card(8gb verbatim hc)
    thnx again you are a life saver XD

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    HC not supported

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    You are correct. It is your SD card, please use a regular SD card not SDHC for this softmod process.

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