Ok...after contemplating, reading lots of posts, and watching videos, here is what I've come up with. I can get past the green and purple stripes since I had installed starfall before I semi-bricked my Wii. I hold "y" on the gc controller, boot up the wii, and 3.2U pops up on the bottom of the screen. I can then autoboot any of my Wii games. So thats good. But here's the kicker. I disabled disc update checks through Starfall. So I can't update. It seems like the problem is with the file I tried to install to change my wii menu. So, is there a way to use an autoboot disc to either run starfall so I can enable disc updates again or reinstall the 00000042.app? I've seen a link for the AnyRegionChanger autoboot disc as well. What would be the best solution?