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Thread: Upgraded to 4.2 can I go back using Nand restore?

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    Upgraded to 4.2 can I go back using Nand restore?

    Hi guys,

    Went away for a few days, came back and kids have accepted an update, now I am on 4.2 and nothing works. I ran bannerbomb to get homebrew channel back. Can I use a backup of my nand to go back to how things were before or do I stay on 4.2 regardless? Also, do I need a controller to restore? I tried it and it says press A+B+Y+X so I guess so?

    My fault for leaving wifi on but hey.

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    That's a good for fixing up 4.2, but the question still remains... will a nand restore get you back to 3.4?

    I too have a nand backup of 3.4 which I'd love to go back to.
    I've got a 4.2 system with HBC working and BootMii, but 3.4 had USB2 support and WBFS drive support.

    Aside from the usual "If the power goes out" problems, would a nand restore from a 3.4 backup put me back to 3.4?


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    It seems that the 4.2 update has altered you NAND. Your old boot2 NAND has been changed and you cannot go back. Just consider yourself lucky that your Wii didn't get bricked in the update process. There were a number of unmodified boot2 Wii's that got bricked, right along with the some hacked boot2 Wii's. Nintendo says that the number of bricked Wii's was small.

    There is a 4.2 guide you can follow for hacking, but boot2 is gone with the 4.2 update. So you cannot install bootmii as boot2.
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    This is why I dont upgrade at all anymore. Im still at 3.2. I wish there was a way to disable system updates all together just so someone cant accidently update.
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