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Thread: At my wits end.

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    Ca At my wits end.

    I really am. I read stuff everywhere and still no go.

    I decided to clean my wii out of garbage,I installed cioscorp too. So i reformat,and no knowing about 4.2u i updated it. Now i can't put HBC or anything back on. I tried preloader, no go. I tried Hackmii 5 it says about vulnerable ios.I did thru wii settings. Hackmii 6 (thru sdcard on main screen) says this:

    RUNNING IOS 34 255, 255
    YOUR WII SYS VER 481 (U 30 USA)

    So I continue, it acts like it installed ticket, and hbc,by itself, and exit, and nothing at all is there.

    Itried preloader-no go
    i tried wad manager 1.4,rename boot.elf, with bannerbomb v200 (4.2u,etc)
    it loads i run on IOS36 (not sure if right one) and load IOS36-64-v1042.wad
    and i get error -1035. same with cioscorp36....

    What do I do?
    Could somebody write me a tutorial step by step, and clearly name files I need. I have no sd card drive. My boss does at work.And its rare I get to use it. so I like to get it right first time if possible. and use sd card to work.

    I'd really appreciate that. I miss my wii emulators, much!!!

    Thank you so very much for your help!!!

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    have you tried this and says it is only for other versions? i think not. run cios38rev14 installer with bannerbomb, select ios36 to use and install it. then report back so i can guide you through it

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    1 step download starpatch v4.2.2K put the boot.dol file in your Hackmii installer when it loads enable the first hack -Disable HAXX, DVDX, RZDx Checks - Disables the System Menu from blocking Homebrew. 2 step Run Wad Manager the same way and install Homebrew channel Beta 8 wad using <IOS36>, you now should have working Homebrew channel. 3 step download Any Title Deleter MOD put in apps folder and load through homebrew channel select "TITLES" and delete IOS222,IOS223 and IOS249 then exit. 4 step load IOS36-64-v1042.wad

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    and where are these files you mention?

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    link to them?

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    StartPatch - WiiBrew the download button is on the right version 4.2.3
    AnyTitle Deleter/AnyTitle Deleter MOD - WiiBrew download button is on the right version 6b
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    ok it may work, do steps 1 and two only others are crap

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    Well get this when it goes, i cant coose whqat to install, it automaqticallyruns hbc to install, when i give go ahead, its says hbc installing,it goes 00,01,finished! Then i go to menu, and no hbc channel too be I pull hair? Im about to.

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