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Thread: I only care about playing region-free: Gecko or Preloader?

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    I only care about playing region-free: Gecko or Preloader?

    My virgin Wii is LU65 3.4U.

    I only want to play a couple legit imported games; I am NOT interested in backups or anything else.

    What's the best way of doing this?

    1. Gecko OS
    I find contradictory information as to whether this runs on 3.4. Otherwise, is Homebrew Channel + Gecko really all I need?

    2. Preloader
    I'd have to go through more steps to put this on. But even if I can get gecko to work, might this be a better choice? I know people like preloader as a fail-safe for some bricks, but as stated I really don't want to do anything else to my Wii.

    And is one or the other more convenient for imports?

    Thanks if someone can help clarify.

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    Gecko_1.92 as an apps. use it via hbc.
    no channel installed, easy update, easy give-away !

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