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Thread: Internet Channel / updating after hacking

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    Internet Channel / updating after hacking

    I haven't updated my Wii in a year and one month or so, I have no idea what version of the Wii firmware I have though. I stopped updating since I wanted to hack my wii and knew newer versions meant more trouble. Because I haven't updated in so long I am unable to go to the shop channel.

    I've yet to hack my wii since I don't really feel like playing games, I mostly just use it to watch youtube videos.

    Today though I was not able to use Opera Browser anymore, it stays loading the "Opera Powered" page. Everything else on my Wii works fine. Its not an internet issue since even without internet the browser loads normally. Now I haven't updated my Internet Channel to the latest version could this have anything to do with it? Is there a way that Nintendo or Opera could pull the plug on the old version of the browser? I would think that they couldn't but why else would it not work?

    Anyways I'm thinking of updating so I can download the new version and see if that fixes things but I don't want to be able to stop being able to hack my wii and play backup games. So would it be best to update now and hack later? And if I hack now with the twilight hack am I able to update?

    All I want is to be able to use the Opera browser again but not lose my ability to play back up games in the future.

    thanks in advance

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    I dont know how to fix the opera channel. I have that installed on my wii but havent used it since may so for all I know I could be in the same boat as you. Dealing with your shop channel though, there was a system update nintendo had out that installed a new ios (ios61) and a new shop channel. The older shop channel used ios51 but that ios is no more so instead it uses ios 61. There is a download on this thread (just search for it) where you can download ios 61 and the shop channel. First youll want to install the new ios and then install the shop channel. The shop channel install will overwrite the old one.
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    Do I have to hack my wii before installing the ios61 update?

    And basically doing that would allow me to access the shop channel again without having to update right?

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    Well that all depends on what you want to do. The most recent update is firmware 4.2 which nintendo has been having alot of problems with. That firmware was made to brick all softmodded consoles but for some reason its been bricking some non modded consoles. You can though hack your console and do upgrading/downgrading from following guides on this site. Then you can install the stuff I mentioned above. You could also upgrade using a disc update to get your console to a newer firmware (i think 4.2 update is a system update, not disc update). Just need to remember that once you do hack the console, dont do any official nintendo updates from then on. You can update your system to any version just by following guides on here.
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