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Thread: Another USB Loader GX problem

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    Another USB Loader GX problem

    So I did everything on the 4.2 tutorial to remove the stub, and replace it with a cIOS. But for whenever I boot USB loader GX it tells me "ERROR: cIOS can not be loaded!" Then after 5 seconds the exception screen comes up and I have to turn off my Wii to take it out. >_> Any help please?

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    We spoke in the chat room. Did updating USB Loader GX help? If not, then they haven't fixed some of their problems and you can either try an older version - USB Loader GX r785 or try another USB Loader. In case you need some names-try uLoader any version after 2.6 or configurable USB Loader. All can be installed simultaneously-no need to uninstall in order to try another. Good luck.


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