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Thread: pls help stuck on preloader sysem menu lost remotes dont work!!!

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    Question pls help stuck on preloader sysem menu lost remotes dont work!!!

    pls pls help my son updated the wii to 4.2e so i followed a guide to get back HBC now i cant even get the remotes to work i can still open HBC but screen is upside down Via the GC controller pls will somebody pls pls pls HELP think this was a little above me !!

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    cant you boot to system menu?

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    thanks for a speedy reply no i cant even access the system menu when i try in preloader 0.29 it just takes me to a blank screen n freezes im using GC controller because wii remotes are not connecting pls show me the path to unbrick obione!

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    can you cahnge the ios system menu runs to ios70? must be ios 60 now

    if that does not work try changing to ios249

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    Ok it was orriganally on ios 70 changed n saved to ios 60 still no system menu then changed n saved to ios 249 same result changed n saved back ios 70 just incase still no system menu!!

    on the screen it says important update to 0.30
    IOS v70
    Systemmenu v482

    tried to update but it dont want to know
    Whats next wii master!

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    try to install this ios70 i lnk you with wadamanager (not uninstall, ever)
    IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].rar

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    thanks for the help but went into wadmanager n thats how far it would let me go on a GC controller unable to select anything just had a look to see if WM 1.5 has GC controller capabilities but couldnt find out im running 1.4 any more ideas?

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    why dont your wiimotes sync?

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    I aint got a clue mate they just wont just got WM 1.5 up on the the wii and still i cant navigate!! Stumped

    is there any way to install iso70 direct from preloader?

    problem sorted peps in preloader system hack menu 2 of the last 3 hacks were enabled this causes the wii remotes not to fuction hence why i couldnt sync the remotes installed ios70 like you said and hey prestow thanks alot friend life saver
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    glad it worked pal


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