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Thread: noob, please help me make up my mind

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    noob, please help me make up my mind

    ok i havent ever modded anything, but i am a pc tech and decent with flashing things. i guess heres the deal, i want to be able to play backup games, preferably from a flash drive. and i am on the fence if i wanna try this or not. i have an older wii, it has been updated once a while ago, it has 3.4u on it. i understand how to install homebrew, does not seem hard. will install homebrew with the bannerwhatever hack. i do have twilight princess game, is that a better route to go with the older firmware? so after i get the homebrew installed, and get some type of usb loader installed, is that it? will i still be able to play my orignal games? does it play new releases, like say when the new super mario bros wii game comes out, will i be able to play a backup of it, or do new releases require 4.2 firmware, like how new psp games require the latest firmware to be installed? or do i just need a loader, and them i am good to go? i guess im asking if once i install a loader is it a one time thing, or do i need to constantly update it to play new releases. and does a dvd+r work everyone says dvd-r but i have seen many youtube vids with +r working fine? and what works better playing from a dvd r or a usb? is one more reliable than the other?

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    read the 3.1-4.1 guide linked in my sig. Forget everyhitng you saw in the youtube vids.

    Use -R NOT +R

    USB > DVD

    Pie > cookies (ooh, controversial!)

    3.4 isnt the best system menu version to be on as you cant use preloader, but the guide will update you to 4.1 if you want.

    You dont need to update to play new games, you might need to install a couple of files occasionaly for newer releases. Nothing hard.

    Forget Twilight, its old, guide explains bannerbomb method.

    Original games will still play fine.

    TLDR: read the guide, do mod, profit.

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    1) You will still be able to play originals after softmod

    2) Do NOT update to 4.2. New releases do not really require an entire update, just the IOS the update installs which can be installed manually.

    3) Twilight hack is outdated. Use this tutorial:

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    thanks a ton for the info, i will try to do it with a usb stick, will keep posting if i have problems. it sounds like a lot of people have problems doing this?

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    also do i need to do step 3 in the 3.1 - 4.1 Softmod Guide? from the sounds of it that is only needed for newer wiis?

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    sorry i keep having more questions pop in my i NEED to upgrade to 4.1 and use a preloader? i want to keep this as simple as possible....cant i just do the bannerbomb, and install a usb loader?

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    If it helps... I upgraded to 4.2e and then stumbled over various articles that suggested not to upgrade beyond 4.0 (including a load of peeps trying to be helpful on youtube)... I chose to stick with it and route though the wealth of information that you will find on this site! The practial upshot of what I'm trying to say is...

    Everything you need to enable you to play your bkups etc can be found in this site!! Stick with it and do the reasearch (there is not much sweeter than working it though and getting it to work yourself) and you will have the rewards. If you have problems that no one else has then post! The site consists of some top peeps who know their stuff and if the answer has not been posted already, then it will not be a long time in coming!!


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    The minimum Steps that are required for you to accomplish your goal of playing backup games from a USB flash drive are: Step 1-install HBC only; Step 3d (presuming that your Wii was originally 3.2 or earlier); Step 5d-those IOSes are used by most games, and under Optional download USB Loader GX and WBFS Manager.

    Please note that by skipping Step 1 bootmii install and Step 2, you will not have a backup of your NAND in case of a brick; by skipping Step 5a-c you will not have preloader to make up for the lack of bootmii protection.
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    First post..yay! My wii is system menu 4.1E:

    Will that work with the 3.1- 4.1 guide.
    I already have BC and Bacup Channel installed when I used BLACKbustacitics guide...yeah I know, by deleting the HBC and the Backup Channel am I able to re-do it using you're guide?

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    dont hyjack my thread asshole, to GEN3SF, as you stated above......can i just use bootmii then for a reassurance, or will i not be able to recover with bootmii in case of a brick without a preloader? or does tham mean if i install bootmii as boot2 not ios then i dont need a preloader? also since its an older wii that means i should be able to install as boot2, correct me if im wrong but it sounds like only newer wiis have issues installing bootmii as boot2. i know its at least a 3.2 or lower orignal system, as i have updated it once and that was to 3.4 and that was well over a year ago, and the thing is probaly 3 years old or so.
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