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Thread: Wii newb with 4.2u HELP

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    Wii newb with 4.2u HELP

    Ok here's the skinny...

    Ive got a wii with 4.2u wich Ive heard isnt that great for modding..

    Ive installed the homebrew channel successfully (I think) And I installed Bootmii as boot2 & backed up the NAND (whatever that is lol) I see the homebrew channel in there with the cios & wad & usb thing's to install....When I try to install these the red completion bar gets to the end & the screen just goes black...Nothing else happens...I have to hold the power button down to get it to do anything wich just brings me back to wii main page or whatever...

    All i want to do is to burn some games for my son so he can play'em...I dont have a spare external USB drive yet so no need for that for now...I wont be running games off the SD card either right now untill I get more into this system...And understand how it all works

    I managed to burn my 1st Wii .iso onto disk (The Simpsons) but obviously it just says cannot read disk....

    Would one be so kind to tell me what my next step is..?
    I read the 4.2 tutorial but that just makes my brain hurt

    Thanks Guy's

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    The 4.2 softmod tutorial can appear rather intimidating at first glance (or second). Unfortunately, some of the steps involve bypassing or removing some of te damage that was inflicted during the Nintendo 4.2 update.

    Just take it one section at a time, read the tutorial section several times before you start and make sure you understand what you are doing-one section at a time.

    Until you complete the softmod, your Wii cannot play backup games. One thing you can do while you are preparing to finish the softmod is use the HBC you have successfully installed. Download and install the Homebrew Browser; that will allow for direct download of some homebrew games to entertain you all while you do your reading. You can get the Homebrew Browser here:Homebrew Browser - WiiBrew. Good luck.

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