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Thread: Noob Help!!!

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    Unhappy Noob Help!!!


    Ok the problem Iam having is i get an error 10015 everytime Im retrieving the wii hombrew channel and I really need help please!

    Sincerely Baran

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    when exactly is that?? when you click on hbc?

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    Okay so When I turn on my wii I get the bootmii channel press the reset loads to wii go to my homebrew channel click start and then i click on homebrew browser and it loads the pop up screen that says homebrew broswer ver 0.2.3b and i press the load button right n it loads the black screen and says:

    Wii Hombrewbroser

    Waiting for network to initialise
    network initialised
    connecting to server
    server connection established

    retriving the hombrew list
    read error -10015 occcured retrying....

    then the same error! and I dont know whats wrong, took my wii to another house no luck and I checked the connection can you please help??

    Sincerely Matthew

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    try to get the latest hackmii and reinstall th HBC.... do you have the latest one? you dont lose anything with no HB browser tho

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    Can u point me in the direction of a tutorial for it, I have version 3.2 for wii and the hack i did was zelda mod and any help is great thanks.

    sicerely Matthew

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    click on my GUIDE link and follow the 3.1-4.1 tutorial


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