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Thread: Worked Great Last Night - Black Screen Today

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    Worked Great Last Night - Black Screen Today

    So I finally got my wii working perfect last night. USB Loader working with almost all of my games finally and even fixed a semi-brick issue I have had for awhile.

    My son was playing a game last night just fine, but left it running. This morning when I woke up I get a black screen. I did backup the nand to my memory card, but was happy I got everything working I didn't setup the boot2option, I was worried about messing something more up after I got everything working.

    I took apart a gamecube controller and pushed all the buttons on the d-pad to boot and 3.1 shows up on the bottom right. Originally, the first time I did that with another disk it said 3.0. So not sure if one of the disks I did put in updated or not.

    What else can I do here, the disks don't seem to be fixing it enough to boot... I can't turn on the wii w/a controller and holding the reset button while turning it on doesn't do anything either. This wii already has a wiikey installed as well.

    Is there something else I can/should try to do at this point? Thanks

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    All is not lost...

    So I just got an autoboot wad manager iso to load, but since bt isn't running yet the wii controllers will not turn on. I read something somewhere about a wad installer that will utilize a GC controller. Anyone heard of this or know of a download for it? I am hopeful now I might be able to actually fix this thing....

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    Found This:

    Ok so I found this wad manager that utilizes a gc controller, but now how do I replace the one on this iso with it. Windows can't read the iso in winrar or anything to rebuild it.

    Also, do you think uninistalling some stuff w/wad manager or installing stuff will fix this brick issue, or is there something else I should be trying to boot up the wii with?

    the one I found is:

    I hope there are some people around reading this that can help... it is nice to be able to boot something besides a black screen, I just need help from here...



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