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Thread: Playing Ntsc on Pal wii

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    Playing Ntsc on Pal wii

    I know this has been posted before but I still don't really understand.

    I'm on 4.2, used bannerbomb to get HBC. Followed a tutorial which told me to install USB Loader and Neogamma. Do i need to download a channel that lets me play region free. I'm in australia and want to play ntsc games and games from jpn think its ntsc as well?

    Also right now I'm just playing games of disc, but I intend on playing of a harddrive eventually will I use usb Loader for this?

    And I've seen how people burn games from the wii over wifi? My disc drive doesn't read the disc's

    Thanks for the help in advanced I know i asked alot

    Oh and I have gecko in my homebrew channel what deos it do?
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    if you get USB Loader or NeoGamma they have "force region" options, in Australia what region are you guys anyway? (sorry geographically challenged), there are many options for running off of USB (USB Loader GX, WiiFlooder, WiiFlow, NeoGamma....) as far as doing stuff over WiFi on the Wii i have no idea, sorry. GeckOS i can't help you out with either, never had to use it, lol.


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