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Thread: D2PRO ON pal WII

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    Question D2PRO ON pal WII

    I have A D2PRO chipped installed. BEcause in the different threats it's not all so clear.

    I didn't installed any homebrew of something else.

    Can i do een update to firmware 4.2 with a backup game, without bricking my WII.

    My current firmware is 3.4.

    thanks on advance for the answer.
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    your post isnt too clear, im guessing your wii is already 4.2?

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    I doubt you will find any game retail or backup that contains the 4.2 update to be honest.

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    If i understand you correctly, you want to update your Wii from 3.4 to 4.2?
    As far as i know, it is safe to update to 4.2 with modchip (except with WiiKey?). Check out this thread >
    But you will lose region free if you update to 4.2 (this has been confirmed for most chips i believe).
    There is no disc that has 4.2 update (yet), so your only option is using the wii menu to update.


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