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Thread: wii wont read SD or USB ports

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    Unhappy wii wont read SD or USB ports

    as the description says, im currently having trouble with a friend's wii, as it currently wont read neither the SD nor USB slot to the best of my knowledge.
    so he asked me to softmod it, as id done to mine. i ran through the routine (banner bomb_install HBC_ use wad man. to install CiosV7/35/36/BUL etc, use HBC to run Cios rev 14) and after all that, whenever i launch NeoGama BUL or USB Loader and try to load the USB drive its just counts down from 30 but never finds the USB. so i decided to give it a try again and start from scratch, i ran homebrew and it said it had an update, so i ran it but got an error message about "couldnt dump (something) to SD" (realised my dumbass left SD on lock :P
    after restarting the wii. . . . now it cant read the SD card. i dont know that that caused it as i remember BEFORE launching the update, HBC showed nothing but the bubbles. so yea. . . .im at my wits end and cant seem to find anything that relates or helps so if anyone has any ideas, anything would be appreciated

    notes: i have a wii of my own that runs everything perfectly (SD USB etc) so i know its not the HDD or SD
    (wii being worked on):sub LU64
    not sure what other info might help but if any ask, and i'll be happy to supply
    thanks in advance

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    You say your Wii was on 3.3u, what is it on now.
    Most common SD/USB loader problems.

    Not on cIOS38rev14.
    re format SD card
    directory structure not right, SD\apps - homebrew, SD\wad - wads
    try other USB socket
    USB not formatted correctly, primary active, WBFS

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    it's currently 3.3u, and unfortunately, of those theories, only the "no on cIOS38rev14" is a possibilty (not sure how to check if it is or not) but the others are definitely not it as i have another softmod wii and ive tried the SD and HDD on that and everything runs just fine and ive tried both USB sockets and still only get the countdown.

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    Go to settings in USB Loader GX, then credits, top right hand corner gives you the cIOS you are on.


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