Hey there

I recently just ran into a problem with updating my Wii. You see I was following the guide to run Guitar Hero 5 for the Wii and following it, it told me to download SoftMii 3.0 to solve the problem I was having. I did so and it unlocked the SoftMii functions (though not the hacks for some reason). I went through it all to dheck it was OK and then the problems started, I put in the disk for Guitar Hero 5 and it tried to update like it had the last time and I was foolish enough to let it. My Wii was already updated to 4.2 no problems (it did get rid of the Homebrew channel but I got it back with Bannerbomb). I tried to get back into the Wii after it did the update and to my shock and horror I couldn't.

I have tried numerous times simply turning it on and off, and the only thing I can get now is the SoftMii menu and the Homwbrew Channel. I was using all the things from the Guitar Hero 5 Guide here to run from disk and that was as far as I got in modifying my Wii before it got bricked(I am assuming this is what it means from what I read). http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...o-5-guide.html

I tried following this guide to fix it but to no avail. My Wii doesn't have the twilight hack on it so this might be more difficult for me to do but I am asking for any help possible. I had the SoftChip and the MultiCIOS on my SD card and still do.

Please can somebody help me get my precious Wii back.