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Thread: Need help to get an game up and running

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    Need help to get an game up and running

    Ok I have homebrew 4.1 I got this game [isoHunt]_[WII]Scrabble_Interactive_[PAL].rar.5104799.TPB on my wii I go into to region and change froce from wii not from disk(when forced from disk green picture) when forced from wii I get an grey picture and I see the game in the back round..however he's my thing I ahve played a few other Pal verison game son my wii and only had to change force from wii what do I need to do to make this baby work?

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    Sorry to say this but not all games work when you force a certain region. Those games that you force to ntsc that give the green screen freeze are the ones that wont work.
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    OHHH Pooo!!! well thanks dude...hey it worth an try lol


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