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Thread: Super Smash Brothers problem

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    Super Smash Brothers problem

    I know that immediately everyone is going to get frustrated with another SSBB topic, but i've been failing with this for the past two days and I finally decided I need help.

    Basically I have a dowloaded DVD9 version of SSBB. I have all of my games on coverfloader, but here is what happens.
    Like some people, after the first fight i get an error to eject this.
    So I installed hermes using the steps on this page completely.

    So it starts fine using both ios 222 and 223 but after the first battle, the screen goes black and i have to restart my wii. can anyone PLEASE help? what can i try? what might be the problem?

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    i had this same issue. the reason why this happens is due to the disk being a duellayer. what i did was installed config loader which is a nice loader URL and the CIOS 222/223 with mload by Hermes and it worked just fine

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    Unfortunately the Configurable USB Loader also had the same problem of giving me a black frozen screen after the first battle when using 222 or 223 ios. So, that didn't fix much =(

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    you have to install the custom version of it its 222-mload when you go to load i used 223-mload and it works just fine for me

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    That's what I'm using. I followed the tutorial somewhere on these forums on installing hermes. I followed it 100%. And in configurable if I choose 222-mload or 223-mload it still gives me a black screen of death after my first win. I've tried reinstalling the hermes, and same thing. How did you install it? I'll try to follow your steps.

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    hmm sounds like a bad iso or burn try backing it up again. i dont remember which i used i will try and find it

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    OK i'll try getting a hold of another iso.
    Thanks for your help, and if you or anyone else has a bright idea, I welcome it greatly


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