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Thread: Some games work on my modded wii but others done, I've searched!!

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    Some games work on my modded wii but others done, I've searched!!

    Hey guys,

    Firstly: Yes i searched! :P

    Secondly, a few things about my console:
    -Recently purchased (unable to work on Wiikey - so the guy at the modshop says)
    -Modded with D2C Key professionaly in Melbourne Australia
    -It's PAL

    I bought heaps of illegal copies of Wii games from Thailand, about 20, for the sake of explaining this to you lets say 15 were NTSC and 5 were PAL. Now here's where the problem is. All the PAL copies are functioning, however about half of the NTSC copies freeze at the start screen. What i mean is I hit start and it just freezes. Other times it will say cannot read disk or a similar error message when I put the disk into the Wii, but that is usually fixed by rubbing the disk lightly with cloth the putting it back into the Wii only for it to load for 2 or 3 seconds and go back to the black screen. The disk's arent damaged but the guy at the store in Thailand said "only 70% of the disks will function or so". Hmm? Anyone else with a similar problem and anyone with a solution thanks.

    In addition, I recognize that buying illegal copies IS illegal but i really couldn't be bothered making up a lie to satisfy those that are morally sensitive. All I want is advice on why my Wii is being such a Bi***.

    There are a few further issues but I'll clear them up in further posts in this thread once i get my head around what's really happening!!

    Thanks guys.

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    if your modchip is wiikey, then it is "Partial support for NTSC region Wii games/backups on PAL consoles"- said by wiikey offical website.


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