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Thread: Green and Purple Stripes when Power is cut on...

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    Green and Purple Stripes when Power is cut on...

    I had downgraded my Wii to 3.2U successfully. Then I started tampering with MyMenuify trying to get a "Matrix" themed channel menu. That's when it hit me. I am not able to get bootmii to pop up or anything. Like I said in the title, all I get is Green and Purple stripes when I cut the Wii on. I am still able to cut the Wii off without unplugging it though. I figure this would be considered as a brick. Anybody had this happen before and/or knows how to fix that? Any advise would be appreciated.

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    do you have preloader?

    have you made sure the bootmii files are on your SD card?

    Im assuming you have a nand backup if your fking about with something as dangerous as modifying menu's?

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    Yeah...I saved the bootmii and nand file to my computer in case something like this happened. I don't think I had preloader on it. When I put the SD card in the Wii and cut it on, I still get the stripes.

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    Is my Wii pretty much screwed?

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    Something I just remembered. I had installed Starfall. So I am able to autoboot games when I hold y on my gc controller. So how can I get a system update from that. When I try to go to the Wii menu, it freezes. I can see hope on the horizon!


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