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Thread: Full brick

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    Full brick

    Hi, i've got a wii with a full brick, black screen, no audio, no savemifrii, nothing, wii is just dead.
    someone told me i should buy
    Original Wii DVD D2C Drive Motherboard Main board - eBay (item 270435041290 end time Oct-26-09 22:43:36 PDT)

    the item has just arrived to my house but i was wondering.
    will this work?

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    Not to be a (fill in the blank), but isn't "Will this work" the type of question you ask before buying something like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by baicunko View Post
    Hi, i've got a wii with a full brick, black screen, no audio, no savemifrii, nothing, wii is just dead.
    When did your Wii stop working?

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    yeah, i've asked before but no-one answered me so i just bought it.
    my wii stoped working as i downgraded from 4.1 to 3.3 with cioscorp installed, it fucked up the system.
    wii is not LU64+
    will it work with this replacement?

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    if it's a not-LU64+, do you have preloader/bootmii installed?
    if so, why not just do a restore of your backed up nand?

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    I couldn't install bootmii as boot2, dont know why, im guessing it was really a LU64+ but with an old code, i downgraded and it bricked.

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    I think i will try with infectus chip to fix my wii

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    i need the really actual way to solution to wii full brick please

    hello everybady
    my wii 3.4j (ltf) ...about 10 days ago...
    the process when i install hbc ...suddenly after i delete
    (-)the rvl wiisystemmenu v448 wad...and then
    reset i know that was bad...
    turn on my wii ...oh my god... full black screen ....i can't see anything on my screen ...oh my god...
    i dont believe that i happen...few days i try much more ways to turn on and enter the systemmene but...
    please teach me how can i do
    please please....
    because i am live in taiwan ,where everyone say your wii dead no way to help i try to search other country message...when i searched such article...oh ya oh ya...
    can you teach me the way how i unbrick....please
    or mail me ,my please...thank you

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    dont multi thread i will ban you

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    dont multi thread i will ban you
    You're talking to me?

    I will keep this thread alive when my infectus chip arrives, i will make a guide if i acomplish to unbrick my wii.

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