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Thread: error auto booting system menu

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    error auto booting system menu

    My son was trying to update the Wii to 4.2 and the system shut down we now have a screen that says " autobooting system menu
    Could not open boot file". the Ios is v60 the system menu is v417 and the preloader is v0.29 how do we get back to the home menu?

    Please help

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    can you access prelaoder menu by holding down reset while bboting?

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    Ya we tried that before we decided to post something. I have been trying to look it up to see what we can do but no one had the same exact problem. so I thought that I would go here and maybe you could help me. We able to get our cds to work but we have to go thru ocarina with the sd card in to get to them. (just in case that helps)


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    my son told me today that he was not upgrading to 4.2 that he was down grading and he decided to stop it but it would not and the wii shut off and he then thats when it came up with error booting system menu

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    can you change ios to system menu to 249 and boot?

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    hello No we didnt do that yet. My son keeps changing his story he now says he was updating to 4.2 (frustrating). If i need to do what you suggested how do I do that? my son thinks he knows everything but I doubt it

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    like father like son. haha~~
    messie has a nice thread about 4.2x solution. pls search.

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    change the ios system menu boots with to ios249. you should be able to from the options

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    okay I will try it and get back to you

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    we can get the preloader menu. we went into settings and changed the ios to 249 we saved it and then we hit reset and turned on the wii and now there is no error message but we are still in preloader and cant get anywhere else. Need to get to the home menu. also the ios on preloader still says v60 is that right?

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