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Thread: Hi everyone im new here and need a bit of help ^___^

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    Smile Hi everyone im new here and need a bit of help ^___^

    Hey everyone i recently purchased a wii from a friend of a friend and it came with a whole bunch of copied games on cd's that worked. Well the other day i thought i was doing the right thing and connected my wii to the internet and updated it. The next thing i knew the copied games would no longer play. I'am quite the newb when it comes to this wii modding stuff but please anyone know a way i can get around this?

    The channels which i have on the wii right now is:
    WiiShop/Photo/News/Mii/Weather/ Wad Manager v.1.3 / Backuplauncher 0.3 Gamma 002 fix (the channel i used to launch games)

    well i appreciate you guys for taking the time to read this take care all

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    The 4.2 update looks for Homebrew applications and deletes them. You can get them back, but you will probably have to reinstall them. This guide worked for me with version 4.2:


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