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    Question Homebrew Not Connecting

    Hey Everyone

    I did the zelda hack and got it on and updated but when i click on the wii Hombrew channel I cannot retrive the site I get an error of 10015 and it says retrying. So if i could get anyhelp on that it would be great and also i noticed the bootmii dosent aloow the wii controller to use it so if someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial of the bootmii config editior that would be great.

    Sincerely Baran

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    In BootMii, you can use the Power and Reset buttons on the Wii to navigate, or you will require a GameCube controller.

    Did you check in the Wii settings that your network is configured properly? Did you do a test connection and get a test successful message?

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    yes i did check and yes i had a good network connection, what does error 10015 mean??? like I was able to update the homebrew itself and is there a way to make it so I can use the wii mote? Possibly is there a tuorial?? I heard of bootmii config i there another way or a tutorial for bootmii config??
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    Using the GC controller in bootmii is very easy. All you use is the d pad and A/B buttons
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