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Thread: No SD Codes found.

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    Exclamation No SD Codes found.

    Hi guys

    I just started hacking my Wii yesterday, so you might wanna say that i'm a noob!

    I wanted to try the Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, by running the Family Ski game, but when i try, Backup Launcher runs for a while then stops saying:
    "No SD Codes found"

    This might be a very simple issue, but i just can't figure it out, so i hope maybe one of you guys know the answer.


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    get rid of gamma 0.3 its waaaaaay too old.

    Get neogamma r7 and make sure you have cIOS38 rev14

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    I'll give it a shot

    Thanks buddy!

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    have you been useing ocarina cheats?

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