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Thread: Screwed up softmod... Help! :)

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    Screwed up softmod... Help! :)

    Was following the softmod guide found here Wii Softmodding for Dummies - All in one - MaxConsole Forums downgraded IOS35... Went to install cios249 and it froze at finishing installation.. Thought ok... That was weird... Hard powered off and loaded the hack back up and went to install the hbc... and it froze as well... Thought Uh Oh... So I looked at the serial... LU66******.. Looked online and I guess I wasn't supposed to do that... Found another tutorial.. I can load the hackmii installer with bannerbomb and install the hbc... but it seems like whenever I go to load anything from the sd card it freezes... I went to load Cios installer 2.0 and it loads fine, as soon as I hit a button on the wii mote it loses sync, the app doesn't freeze however... Any idea on how I can fix this?

    Thanks a million in advance!
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    If you are a following a guide that is not from this forum why are you asking for help here?

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    figured someone with knowledge would be able to help...



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