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Thread: semi-brick (chipped)

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    semi-brick (chipped)

    Hi, sorry for creating a new thread. i was going around the site and also the 'net for info on how i can fix my chipped wii and just got confused

    anyway. here's what happened to my Wii. I bought it 2nd hand and the seller says that it's already chipped (games can be launched from the disc channel)

    I put in a copy of Punchout (a backup) and it asked me to update. I accidentally pressed yes and after updating I was able to play the game normally. but the next day when I was about to change the time on my Wii, I can't access it and it just shows me an Opera error. (sins of a noob. yes. Im a noob in Wii homebrew scene)

    I'm not sure what version I was using prior to the Punchout update.
    I still have my Homebrew Channel but can't access the Wii settings.

    Can you provide a step by step procedure on how can I resolve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    forgot to add. im not sure if the game that i got was PAL or NTSC. what version does punchout install? 4.0? 4.1?


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    Punch out installs 3.4 but it sounds like you installed an out of region update. You need to re-install the correct system menu for your region and its IOS.

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    thanks for the reply shadow.
    just to be sure... what IOS i need? i was able to download 3.4U system menu (System_Menu-3.4U-v385)using NUS downloader (is this the correct one?). not sure what other IOS I need. thanks!
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    3.4U SytmsMenu is likely what u need
    after successful recovery, u could proceed Firmware_updater_4.0/4.1 at wish. Not to up 4.2u, for sure !

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    so I just need to load the system menu wad using wad manager and Im good to go?

    according to System Menu - WiiBrew, 3.4U is IOS50 v4889?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pctipid View Post
    so I just need to load the system menu wad using wad manager and Im good to go?

    according to System Menu - WiiBrew, 3.4U is IOS50 v4889?
    a much simpler solution is available ....
    load Wii_Sports_Resort_USA and let the disc to proceed update for u.... the semibrick will be gone and leaving u 4.0U. why not ?

    ps. ShadowSonics has a clear and nice thread "SystemMenu & IOS", which summarized all the info u might need. why u've to go far for wiibreee ?
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    don't have yet a copy of wii sports resort. might try that as well and i'll look up shadow's thread. hehe
    just got confused going around different websites. LOL
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    i was able to grab the needed wads (using shadow's guide).
    now what's the next step? do i install RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v385 first or IOS50-64-v4889? or it doesn't matter? thanks!

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    Both. The IOS is required to run the system menu and the system menu is...well...the system menu.

    Install the IOS first.
    Sysmenu 4.1U / cIOS38rev14 / Preloader v0.30 / BootMii/boot2 / USB Loader GX / 320 GB Iomega HDD

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