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Thread: Hi everybody, can anyone help me...

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    Thumbs up Hi everybody, can anyone help me...

    Hi boys and girls,

    I've just got my Wii chipped to allow me to play downloaded games, but where the hell do i get the games from??? I've heard of Ntorrents :: Login
    but not sure how the hell i get in

    I'm new to all this so any advice would be very well received,

    Thank you


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    you need invites to get in

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    Okay, i've read about that site. What is the best way to get invited? Dumb question i know Would anyone like to invite me??? Here is a daft question, but can you buy invites?


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    If you don't mind paying $10 a month, I recommend EasyNews Typical downloads are 800+ kb/s. You can get movies, software, and all wii titles. You must be familiar with newsgroups though.

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    Newsgroups? Okay as you can tell i'm a total novice, but don't mind paying if i can get the wii games i'm after.
    So what are newsgroups? Thank you i know i must be a pain in the arse, but any help will be great, thank you

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    NewzGroup's are like torrent's in a way...

    Except that files are hosted on multiple servers allowing for direct fast download for people. Instead of having to look for a torrent with lots of seeds and unstable download rate.

    And the Newzgroup typically get's Wii games very soon. Other then Ntorrent's/Torrent Leech who get them sooner usually.

    But if your in a private torrent site like Ntorrents... You have to leave your Torrent Client running, leaving what you've downloaded to be uploaded atleast fully back. Or else you usually get deleted.

    Torrent Leech is a little less strict then Ntorrents. But sadly TL isn't doing invites right now. And probably won't for a long time.

    It's good to be internet smart if your using NewzGroups cause theres a lot of fake files and viruses floating around on them.


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