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Thread: Fix for deletion of HBC when Bootmii is IOS254 and Cioscorp installed

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    Thumbs up Fix for deletion of HBC when Bootmii is IOS254 and Cioscorp installed

    I have a new Wii, less than two weeks old. I am obviously just catching on.
    I followed the tutorial here.
    I then installed Cioscorp 3.4 to try to get my Dvd-r's to play.
    Cioscorp did not fix the issue, so I kept looking, and found a confusing tutorial which basically said load up anytitledeletor and select ios36 and press A.
    This resulted in no more HBC, no more Bootmii, and no more playing backups.
    I downloaded the new Bannerbomb exploit and placed it on my SD with the Hackmii installer. When I tried to re-install HBC using hackmii, I got a No vulnerable IOS FOUND! error.

    I could not get around this no matter how many hours of research and tinkering,
    all I was able to find out is that Cioscorp should have been removed before following the second tutorial.

    I tried NUSdownloader to obtain clean IOS files,
    but wadmanager1.4 wouldn't install them (errors galore). I kept tinkering in wadmanager1.4 and tried IOS254 and immediately Bootmii graced my display.
    I backed up my nand before installing Cioscorp, so I plugged a gamecube controller into GC slot 1. I tried to restore the nand which was now on my SD card, and I got an error telling me my nand was from another wii.
    I then found out the problem is a bug in bootmii beta 3. I patched my nand (manually) using this tutorial.

    I then ran checkdisk on my SD to make sure it was in good shape.

    once in bootmii I went through the menu to restore my nand and came across
    a notice that bootmii was not found (because I installed as an IOS)... at this point I had to press A+b+y+x to continue. (if it takes you back to the Bootmii loader page try it again, it's tough!)

    Once Bootmii finished saving my life, I was left with a black screen. I rebooted and all of my homebrew IS BACK!

    as there are a lack of helpfull tutorials on this issue, I hope I help a lot of people by sharing my experience.

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