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Thread: CIOS36 v9 and covers

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    CIOS36 v9 and covers

    So I've downgraded cios from v10 to v9 due to the freezing issues, but now all the covers aren't working?

    What do I do? would it help by jumping to v12 or v14?

    I'm using USB loader v 1.5 by the way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just about everybody uses cIOS38 rev14, I think it is the best one. There are better USB Loaders available. What freezing issues are you having? Have you set the spindown time on your HDD, you can do that with the software that came with your HDD, you can set it to spindown after a few hours or never spindown. What happens is your HDD will go to sleep on some games if you do not progress thru the game fast enuf, or if you pause for any length of time. I'm not saying that is your problem, but it maybe.

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    Some of the games will show a black screen and hang once I click "A" to load game in USB-loader, e.g. Mario Party 8 or Mario Galaxy.
    I've loaded cios v14 last night, so far it works fine.
    What's the best USB Loaders you would suggest?

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    usb loader GX or Configurable USB loader are probably the best 2.

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    I've tried usb loader gx, works fine except that I couldn't access these small icons on the top bar. Some of them are greyed out while some aren't, but neither one responses to any button pressed on the wiimote.
    I've tried both forwarder and channel versions, same thing...

    Other than that it works, cios38rev14 is what I am using now.

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    WiiFlooder [never really used all that much] WiiFlow [i just switched from USB Loader GX to this one, i love it] Neo Gamma r7 [never used it] those are all i can think of right now.


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