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Thread: wii Ver 3.4u help

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    wii Ver 3.4u help

    I have been reading thread after thread downloading and trying different things on my SD card and I am stuck.

    I have a wii Version 3.4
    I have the Twilight Hack Homebrew Channel beta 9 IOS36

    and this is where I am stuck

    I want to be able to play backups via IMGBurner IOS Files
    I cant get a backup launcher to work

    I want to be able to play backup Movies
    I havent even gotten this far.

    Please help I have been trying for days and reading everywhere and this is the first post. I know it is most likely a very newbie post but please.

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    You need to complete the softmod process in order to get your Wii to be able to play movies and backup games from either discs or from an external USB HDD. Read this step-by-step tutorial very carefully and read it through a few times before you start:

    If you have any additional questions after reading the guide, post them in the associated thread. Good luck with your softmod.


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