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Thread: Taiko rev11 (NAND emulator) is relaesed!!

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    Taiko rev11 (NAND emulator) is relaesed!!

    Homebrew coder LemonBoy has released Taiko. Taiko is an open source NAND loader for Nintendo Wii channels but focused on the use with Wiiware/Virtual console channels. The NAND loader is a little piece of code embedded in each channel and bootstrapped by the system menu when you click the "Start" button on the Wii.

    * Nearly 100% compatibility with any channel
    * Exclusive LZ77 0x10/0x11 decompression code
    * Built-in Video mode patcher
    * 002-error blocker
    * Ram patching engine

    Read more from Wiibrew,
    Source and download -
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    The recommended way to use this seems somewhat dangerous as it seems to be quite a complicated program and I can just imagine the amount of smart people who will use this without a NAND backup.

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