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Thread: how to install Freedom Public Beta 2

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    Cool how to install Freedom Public Beta 2

    i cant seem to install this app can anyone help me not sure where to put the files esp the .dol. any helpful advice or other type system menu recommendations would be great cheers. deta

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    Does your Wii have cIOS installed? You are aware that Freedom replaces your Wii system menu; you will have no access to the system menu while Freedom is installed. You should make a note of your current system menu in case you need to reinstall it.

    Freedom is installed as a homebrew app. I believe there are two dol files involved in Freedom-at least in beta3. If you do not have HBC installed, do not know how to use dol or wad files, and do not know that Freedom installation requires an IOS with both ES_DIVerify and trucha bug faskesigned or what these mean, I strongly suggest you stay away from anything that replaces your Wii sytem menu until you are more experienced.

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