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Thread: Drive Key - error 001, unauthorized device detected

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    Drive Key - error 001, unauthorized device detected

    Hi there, all my games load the splash screen, when I click on start I get a black screen with the error 001, unauthorized device detected.

    I'm using a brand new drive key, verbatim dvd-r burned at 4x, wii version 4.0. The games I've tried are NHL 2k10, Spore Hero and ExciteBot.

    Is there an update I need to do for the drive key? Any other suggestions? Thanks

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    A tiny update, I tried a few other backups and finally one of them worked with my current setup. (verbatim dvd-r, imgburn @ 4x, wii ver 4.0, latest drive key).

    I'll just say if you aren't making your own backup that you can't eliminate the possibility that it is the iso you are trying to burn.

    Hope this helps.

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    just out of interest and slightly off topic, when you recieved the 001 error how did you clear it? did you just turn off your wii and reboot?

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    im getting an error 002 with spore hero do you know how to fix it?

    You hijacked this topic about 001 error with yours...

    trying searching 1st for your issue then if none..then start your own thread about you own issue

    also read the rules
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