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Thread: How do you tell if you have the older model of Wiis?

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    How do you tell if you have the older model of Wiis?

    I don't know whether or not I have the newer or older model of the wii. I bought my Wii around July I think. (I just checked my wii mail and saw there was mail back from july)
    I asked a friend and he linked me to a website that let u type in ur serial number and it said i have a 75% chance of having a DC2 or something like that meaning the newer kind anyway of knowing for sure?

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    That site was probably here,
    Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker
    Right? D2C.
    Do a lil more searching in the forums, theres a lot of info just takes a while to find.

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    yeah my number is LU517844371 and it says...

    There is a 25% chance that your drive chip is a GC2-D2B
    and a 75% chance that it is a GC2-D2C.

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    The only thing I can tell you is to open it up. I do believe it's marked on there. Don't take my work for it though, I'm still fairly new to this. Look around at some of the sites that show pics of the inside of the Wii.


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