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Thread: Downgrade 4.2 ?

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    Downgrade 4.2 ?

    i wanna know if there is a way to downgrade my 4.2 to 3.2-4.0

    and how safe is it to do this .
    if i brick it how do i save my wii .
    i have the NAND and bootme is not on boot2

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    As far as i know there is no downgrader yet for 4.2.

    As far as you having a NAND backup..... it does you no good, unless you have bootmii loaded into boot2. Reason being that, yes you have a backup...but if you brick your wii how do you plan on implementing that backup. If you have bootmii loaded into boot2, no matter how messed up your wii is, the bootmii will always load first. So, as soon as you can, install bootmii too boot2. Bootmii starts even before system menu starts so you will get a little menu when you first fire up your wii. (i could be totally mistaken but i am 99.9% sure i'm not)
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