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Thread: Chips compatible with Jap. Brawl's?

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    Us Chips compatible with Jap. Brawl's?

    I can't afford a Japanese Wii so I was thinking about modding my Wii to region free and able to play back-ups. But I'm guessing it won't be know until someone tries it, unless someone is pretty sure and (upgradable, at least) chip will work.

    Also, a torrent would also be needed too... This will probably be a popular topic with the delay today so I figured I'd figure this out ASAP.

    I bought my Wii in January of 07, since it was not even 2 months after it's release I'm guessing I have the original board, even though I'm basing this on nothing. Anything else you need to know just ask, this is my first time on this site, I just googled it right now and searched to see if it was covered before and didn't find anything.

    Also if anyone knows about how long shipping takes for chips, to Texas or a general estimate or whatever.


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    i also want to get a japanese copy of brawl since it is coming out much sooner than the U.S version

    How long does shipping take and where should i buy it from? I have little soldering experienec. I've soldered before only once or twice. I've watched a video(which i cant find anymore). If there is some video or anything that could help me install the modchip that'd be great.

    If I try to mod it with my little experience am i likely to break it? Is there some type of precaution i can take to make sure i dont break it?

    I plan to get a wiikey how many wires do i need to solder and how difficult is it? Any help is appreciated

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    If you're not comfortable with soldering, you should just pay someone who has the experience around $30 or $40 and have them do it for you.

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    i have a computer teacher who is kind of a nut

    he has solder equipment and i assume he can solder well

    think its worth paying him a visit?

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    I have lot's of soldering experience, I installed pickups on my guitar and plenty of other things. I'm not worried about the set up as long as it has good instructions, just the chips worth.

    Also are chips removable?


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